About Us

Dr. Peter St. Louis

        Dr. Peter St. Louis was born and raised in New England, attended secondary school at Phillips Academy, Andover, and did his undergraduate studies at Harvard College. There he majored in Biology, and graduated Cum Laude in 1980. During his career at Harvard, he did research at the Scripps Research Foundation (San Diego) in the Department of Cellular Biology where he helped develop a novel procedure for isolating DNA-cleaving enzymes. He also spent a summer as a stagiaire de formation  (general internship) at the Centre Medicalle de Forcilles near Paris, France. He was a varsity athlete, and earned his varsity letter in swimming as a springboard diver. 

        Dr. St. Louis attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School where he graduated second in his class in 1984. While attending medical school, he did independent clinical research in Seattle, WA and published three peer-reviewed journal articles in the fields of cardiology and emergency medical services. He also married his college sweetheart, Robin.

        Dr. St. Louis completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the UCLA Medical Center. There, he was among a group of 12 doctors selected to participate in the General Internal Medicine specialization tract, which provided unique training in office-based disciplines (such as orthopedics, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, pain management) in addition to traditional intensive adult-medicine training.

        After residency training, Dr. St. Louis was recruited to join the Sansum Medical Clinic in Santa Barbara, California.  He practiced at the Clinic for three years, enjoying staff privileges at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and appointment to the Clinical Faculty of the USC School of Medicine.

        In 1990, Dr. St. Louis moved to the desert in order to open a solo practice of Internal Medicine. For the past 29 years Dr. St. Louis has been proudly associated with the Eisenhower Medical Center and has been an Appointee to the Operating Board of the Eisenhower Hospital.  He has held leadership positions on the Medical Staff including Section Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine and Chairman of both the Hospital's Institutional Review Board and Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee. 

        In 2003, after having built a successful primary care practice in Rancho Mirage,  Dr. St. Louis shifted the scope of his practice to create the desert's first dedicated concierge-style practice. His was one of the first 150 such practices in the United States, as reported by the General Accounting Office of the US Congress. Today, more than 15 years later, the practice remains limited to no more than 200 patients in order to provide unparalleled personal attention, unprecedented physician access, and unsurpassed medical care.

        Dr. St. Louis resides with his wife full-time in Palm Desert. He is active with the Desert Bicycle Club, and can be seen pedaling more than 100 miles per week around Valley streets. When not on the bike, he "relaxes" on the golf course, diligently trying to maintain his single-digit handicap, on the pickleball court, or in the gym.  


Dr. Katrina Platt

        On November 1, 2018, Dr. Katrina Platt joined the Concierge practice of Dr. Peter St. Louis.  Dr. Platt is excited about this collaboration, and will continue to offer both cutting-edge, evidence-based internal medicine patient care along with added special emphasis on health-maintenance, wellness and preventive health strategies. 

        Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Platt returns to the Eisenhower Medical Staff from her own private practice in Redlands, California.  Dr. Platt is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Internists.  From 2011 – 2017, she worked as a Staff Hospitalist at Eisenhower Medical Center, where she also instructed doctors-in-training in the Internal Medicine Residency Program and served on the hospital Critical Care Committee. She distinguished herself during her tenure at Eisenhower because of her exceptional clinical skills, her strong work ethic, collegial attitude, and great popularity among her patients. She was recruited from that teaching position to lead the creation of the new Internal Medicine Residency Program at Desert Regional Medical Center. She continues in that prestigious academic position as Program Director and is Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at her alma mater, Western University of Health Sciences.

        Dr. Platt has a passion for aviation which she shares with her son, Anthony, a college student and private pilot. She is designated by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aviation Medical Examiner/ Independent Medical Sponsor. Her daughter, Deborah, has also begun her college career, with the ambition of pursuing a career in medicine.


        Dr. St. Louis and Dr. Platt practice collaboratively,  rather than caring for two separate, distinct patient panels. This offers our patients the advantage of our complimentary skills and knowledge.  It is the practice's goal that both physicians are fully familiar with every patient under our care.  

        It remains a feature of this Concierge practice  that we personally admit our own patients to Eisenhower Medical Center when the severity of illness warrants in-hospital care.  Dr. Platt has assumed the majority of the emergency and in-patient care of our patients, offering our patients the benefit of her extensive acute-care experience and expertise in the complex and highly technical field of Hospital Medicine. 


All of the comprehensive, adult primary health care services summarized below are covered in this plan. Total enrollment is limited to less than 200 patients, enabling superior, time intensive, personal medical attention to each patient.

Uncompromising Medical Care

        Under this arrangement, you will be provided with prompt, unhurried office visits for any medical problems you develop as well as for periodic comprehensive physicals. Constant emphasis will be placed on early detection strategies, health screening, wellness promotion and preventive health counseling.  Office appointments will last as long as necessary to address your health care concerns.  Routine office procedures, such as EKGs, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, inhalation therapy, vaccinations and injections, will be included. 

        If ever you require hospitalization, we will admit you to Eisenhower Medical Center and provide daily hospital care, directing all in-patient diagnostic and therapeutic services to minimize your hospital length of stay. 

        Similarly, if the need arises, we will provide medical management and supervision of nursing care for you at a skilled nursing facility or through home health care agencies. 

        When medically appropriate and necessary, we will make house calls. 

Convenient Scheduling – 24/7 Physician Access

        Office appointments will be available on a same day basis, or scheduled on a day and time that you prefer.  Meticulous time management will ensure that you will be seen on time to prevent all waiting in the office. Oftentimes, you will be the only patient in the office during your visit!

        In contrast to most medical practices today which impose barriers to effective patient-physician communication, you will have direct access to the doctor at all times, for any medical issue, large or small.

        After office hours and on weekends, your urgent calls will always come directly to the doctor, either through a dedicated pager or cellular phone – 365 days a year - and the response will be immediate. If you need to be seen, we will arrange to see you at any time. Only when rarely out of town and not physically able to attend you will we arrange for another excellent internist-associate to provide for your hands-on care needs.

Personal Physician Advocacy

        Navigating the system of medical resources beyond the office can be complicated, slow and unsatisfying. Our office will take care of all arrangements for you with medical subspecialists, surgeons, radiology and CT-MRI imaging centers, laboratory and diagnostic testing centers, physical therapists, nutritionists and pharmacies. We will be your personal advocate to facilitate and expedite your care. If it becomes necessary to refer you for consultation, we will carefully select specialists and medical providers with you and your specific problem in mind and will personally contact them about your needs.

        If you spend part of your time away from the desert, we can initiate and maintain direct doctor-to-doctor communication with your home town physicians and keep all of your doctors current on your health status by telephone, mail or electronic data transfer. This form of ongoing collaboration is vital in assuring your year-round continuity of care.

        The annual fee is calculated to cover a comprehensive annual physical examination and the time equivalent of a one-hour doctor visit every week, allotted on an annualized basis. This exceptional allowance far exceeds even the greatest historical utilization of services (in-patient and out-patient visits)  observed in this practice. Services in addition to this will be billed on a fee-for-service basis.